Why the outlet store?

In 2017 ACME launched a new and improved range called Evolution. The Evolution is the first major design change to the Acme & Co espresso series since our inception in 2011. The cups have the same footprint and hold the same volume but now come with features to enhance the coffee drinking experience. What this means though is all the original designs have now been discontinued and this website is the only place to get them - at least until they are all gone! 


What is the difference with the old ACME cups that I know and the new Evolution range?

Designed for third wave espresso standards, the Evolution series offers precision measurements with an enhanced drinking experience. The cups have the same footprint and hold the same volume, but now come with a smoother inner-gradient to make for an easier pour for Latte Artists. While the base is still thick for improved heat retention, the lip is finer and tapers more to make it even nicer to drink from. The biggest change is to the handle, which has been redesigned to make it more comfortable to hold.